Total utter idiots

Oct 23rd, 2019

Total utter idiots

Well I said that I would do some rants…..

These utter idiots of MPs need to be dismissed before the country is completely destroyed. I will particularly nominate Jeremy Corbyn for immediate sacking, but I will include every one of the SNP MPs as well. I am not a fan of Conservative social policies but I will say that when/if the general election happens I will be voting for Johnson as he seems to be the only effective leader since (I never believed I would say this by the way as I deeply disliked him) Blair. I can’t believe how much money must have been spent on this sorry state of affairs – you could have built hospitals and schools on what these idiots have spent “debating” Brexit over and over again, or spent it on protecting the environment. Hell, take the money we give to these useless wastes of space and give £50 to every homeless person in the country or spend it helping pine martens. Or just have a big party and let everyone piss it up against a tree – it would do as much good.

You can’t have a situation where the executive is not allowed to govern the country, and where the democratic will of the people as expressed in the original referendum is simply ignored over and over again. What you can not do in a so called democracy is to keep on calling for further votes on something that has been voted on already, just because you didn’t like the result you got the first time.

There has been way too much time wasted over this, which presumably could have been spent on more useful things. Though God knows what as the whole bunch of them wouldn’t know which way round to sit on a lavatory. Run a country? I wouldn’t trust most of them to run a bus route.