The deeds of Toraneku

Oct 15th, 2019

The deeds of Toraneku

You may remember the “Deeds of Schrodel” post which must have been ten years ago now. This was Schrodi’s (now unfortunately passed on) attempts at getting me out of bed one morning.

Well Tora had a good go at revisiting this the other day. Times are approximate

4am and round about – Scratching at the door.
4.30am – managing to open the door by jumping on the handle repeatedly
4.32am – Meowing very loudly times about ten
4:35am – Clawing my foot – times at least four
4:40am – Jumping on the bed and meowing very loudly with cat food breath next to my face. Times a lot.
4:45am – Licking my face

After that I got him to settle, I suppose that one small advantage to only having one cat is that he is easier to deal with on his own rather than having him fighting with his brother all the time. I’d still rather have Schrodi back though.