Oct 4th, 2019


We have acquired a seagull which has been coming down to the feeding area of late.

A few years ago when I was on holiday in Shetland, I made friends with a seagull which very quickly became quite tame and used to come down to us and take digestive biscuits (it didn’t like Ryvitas though). I was quite sorry to leave it and have been trying to make friends with the one we have here.

Regardless, this Lochgoilhead seagull is solving a problem we have as it will eat most stuff and helps to get rid of things which otherwise stink the bin out and have to be carefully bagged up because meat based stuff can’t be composted and as of course we don’t have a proper refuse collection service here it can be weeks before they are removed.

So today I discovered a great thing – seagulls apparently love cat food. Tora (our one remaining cat) often won’t finish his food, and I end up having to bag it up and put it in the bin where it could wait for up to three weeks. Today there was a plate of perfectly good cat food which Tora wouldn’t eat because it had been there for more than an hour. I gave him a new plate of food and put the stuff he had consistently rejected out in the feeding station for the gull and any other wildlife that would take it. Blow me but 10 minutes later, Tora went outside and ate all the old food off the stones.

I hope I will be able to tame the seagull who I have christened “Beaky”.