The tyranny of the fruit tree

Aug 14th, 2019

The tyranny of the fruit tree

I have worked my fingers to the bone over our plum tree this year. So far I have made

35 jars of jam
2 pies
3 crumbles

Happily our local Church have taken most of the jam, our courier driver has taken a crumble and one jar of jam, and my parents have taken four jars.

Unhappily the apples are just ripening and looks to be a bumper crop of these as well. R tells me just to leave them to the wildlife, but it offends me just to let everything go to waste as I am not sure that any of our creatures (apart from wasps if they count) actually eat apples.

So I suppose I just have to keep going. It is quite hard as my ankle is still sore from my fall – I can walk ok now once I get going, but climbing up ladders to get into trees is currently beyond me, and I am in pain if I stand up for more than about two hours. R kindly mowed the front lawn for me last night.

Still, as the old hymn goes “Work for the night is coming”.