Nasty accident

Aug 10th, 2019

Nasty accident

I went out to feed the badgers late in the evening two days ago. It had been raining (as ever) and because the siskins make such a mess of the feeding area, the stones were really slippy. To cut a long story short I went arse over tit and have sprained my ankle. R is away in Las Vegas and the first day after I did it I literally couldn’t walk, so I had to call the stalwart J who turned out at short notice.

He has had to perform a variety of tasks to which he is unacustomed. Cooking steak and sausage pie on the very complicated stove I have. Working my very complicated dishwasher. Feeding Tora and catching (successfully and alive) a baby mouse he brought in.

Nice to know that you can count on a friend in an hour of need.

I’m on the mend now but I won’t put the picture of my foot on the public Internet as it is too gruesome so here is a nice apple tree instead.