Loch Swim

Aug 3rd, 2019

Loch Swim

Well I managed the loch swim. It was not the easiest thing I have ever done, but not the most difficult either (that would have been climbing Teide).

There were six of us doing it and every one apart from me seemed to be wearing a wet suit and/or have a floatation device. Not sure why the wet suits as the water was actually quite warm.

I got about half way across and have to admit that I wimped a bit and took a quick tow from one of the boats for about 100m just to rest my arms. After that, pushed on to the shore – I was so tired by this point that I was having to change from breast stroke to back stroke and vice versa every 30 seconds. The last 500m seemed the longest bit, but I eventually got in although I think I may have been last. I won’t knock myself for that though as I am 52 and haven’t swum in years.

We then went for a picnic (kindly provided by my Mum) in the garden. The weather was great and apart from a few wasps we had fun until it suddenly started raining – this is the tradition for Lochgoilhead Gala Day but normally occurs earlier in the day.