Interesting Day

Jul 25th, 2019

Interesting Day

For my sins I have said that I will swim across the loch for charity next week. This is in aid of “Caring for Carers” (I’ll give this a punt and say that if anyone wants to sponsor me that would be great and the link is here to do it online

Anyway, I thought I better try actually doing the swim first to make sure I could – so this morning I swam about a third of the way across and then back. I’d been scared that the water would be very cold. Strangely although I like swimming I had never been in the loch for anthing more than a paddle before. Actually the water was quite warm. On the way out I was fine, in fact I was considering going the whole way apart from the fact that I would have needed to walk back down a public road in my swimming costume! So I turned back to swim to shore.

The return journey was not so good. There seemed to be a current away from the shore and there were a few moments when I thought I wasn’t making much headway towards the shore. Anyway after a few minutes of having to push myself a bit, I made it to dry land.

Then I was walking back through the village and Tora suddenly shot out from under a hedge. I didn’t have his carrying bag with me so I had to pick him up in my arms as there were loads of dog walkers about. He then started growling at me and bit me several times. I got him home safely though I had some stern words to say to him en route.