Fussy Eaters

Jul 7th, 2019

Fussy Eaters

I was talking to my Mum and Dad yesterday about what people will and won’t eat. Myself, I will eat anything apart from liver, kidneys and tripe. I’m not that fond of milk chocolate but I would eat it at a pinch.

As against that – R claims he is not a fussy eater, but here is his list.

Any form of salad
Tomatoes unless cooked into a sauce
Eggs served individually
Any cheese apart from cheddar and other hard plain cheeses (i.e no stilton, canembart etc)
Any meat with bones in it
Lamb or pork (also not keen on steak)
Most fruit – for example raspberries and strawberries he will only eat unwillingly. Anything slightly more unusual such as rhubarb or mangos or plums or gooseberries he won’t eat at all
Anything containing jam particularly when served with bread
Fruit cake
Most other fancy baked goods such as custard slices or anything containg creme pat (he asked me to except chocolate eclairs which he does like)
Green vegetables except for peas, broccolli and sprouts
Anything picked from the wild, for example an apple off a tree, or any form of leaf like nasturium or wood sorrel.

I could probably continue but I would wear my fingers out.

In addition – my father doesn’t eat cheese, or vinegar or cream. My mother doesn’t really like potatoes or anything spicy. My brother won’t eat red meat or processed meat like ham or chorizo. My friend J doesn’t like spicy food.

This makes trying to prepare a meal for everyone a complete nightmare. If you were to add into the equation my sister in law (vegan) and her husband (doesn’t eat carbs) – I can’t honestly think of one single thing I could make that everyone would eat!