Seagull and Slice

Jun 26th, 2019

Seagull and Slice

My Mum and Dad came for lunch today (and very nice it was too). One of the things I got in was some vanilla custard slices as I knew my Dad was very fond of them. To be honest, neither R or I like them though, and we were left with one over. I wasn’t sure if any of the creatures would eat it, but rather than putting it in the bin, I tried leaving it in the feeding area to see what would happen.

The answer is that we have acquired a new creature. My Mum reported seeing something large flying overhead today and I told her it was a heron. Actually I think it was a seagull, which has been hanging around for the last few days. I think it may be a permanent acquisition now it has worked out it has a good food supply here. Turns out it likes vanilla custard slices – though as R points out, seagulls like everything.

I remember years ago when on holiday in Shetland, feeding a large seagull which was fond of digestive biscuits, and became so tame over the course of a week that you could virtually hand feed it. On the last day, not one, but two seagulls turned up so perhaps it was as well we were going home!

I don’t mind having this one (it is a youngster from its spotted tail), but I hope he doesn’t bring his friends around.