Another animal rescue

May 12th, 2019

Another animal rescue

Over the years, R and I have rescued a number of different animals. Swans and sheep have been the main ones, although I once saved an eel which got on to our drive.

But today we added a new creature. R had heard on Facebook that a new resident of the village had lost four ferrets. Three of them had been found, but the fourth had now been missing for a couple of days. I didn’t think much about this until I was out watering the plants (unusual for Argyll in May!) and suddenly I saw a creature at the end of the cultivated part of the garden. First of all I thought it was a pine marten, but then I realized it was too small and a darker colour – it was the missing ferret.

R and I hunted all over the garden looking for it but couldn’t find it. No sooner had we come in, however, but it reappeared in the web cam with a chaffinch in its jaws. Again we couldn’t catch it, but five minutes later it was back, and with (I will say) considerable courage I managed to grab it and carry it into the house where we stuffed it into Tora’s carrying bag. We managed to get in touch with the owner who lives just down the road and return it. Glad we managed to do this as I was not relishing having it in the house overnight where my guess is that it would have interacted badly with Tora.

It was a sweet little creature and I liked it, but when I grabbed it the smell it released was quite pungent and is now all over my hands and clothes. Time for a shower I think!