Made it home!

Apr 26th, 2019

Made it home!

Well J and I managed the whole walk and also made it home.

We managed to get back ok. Our connections were not great – we got out of the apartment at 7am and strangely there was a taxi waiting outside. We had been expecting to have to walk a few hundred yards to the taxi rank, but this seemed an unexpected bonus so when the driver asked us “Taxi?” we jumped right in. It was only after we had gone five minutes down the road that we realized from an empassioned conversation in Spanish that this was not in fact a random taxi, but one which had been ordered for some other people who were now complaining about the non-arrival of their vehicle – whoops!

We got from Santiago to Gatwick ok – but then had a very lengthy wait in the airport – luckily in the lounge rather than squatting on plastic chairs in the departure hall listening to babies screaming.

There was a delay of half an hour on the runway waiting to make it back to Glasgow, but noise cancellation headphones are your friend for situations like this.

We finally got down and I said goodbye to J. I could actually not clearly remember what R looked like but it was nice to see him again anyway 🙂

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