Apr 17th, 2019


20190417_111005000_iOSA very pleasant but long (18 miles) stage today. The scenery, which on Monday seemed to be rather unremarkable farmland had cheered up and we went through some spectacular little villages. One bonus of this stage seems to be that the churches are all open and it is possible to have a look round inside and even say a prayar and light a candle. Plus get a stamp for your credentials of course. I’m not sure if this is a feature of being close to Santiago or whether it is because it is Holy Week.

This is J by a pilgrim statue.

A fancy Cross of St James made out of flowers.

For the first time, less than 40km to go to Santiago.

We also encountered a Galician player of the bagpipes

Lots of lovely animals along the route as well. Sheep, placid cows, chickens and lots of cats and dogs. In one place we passed, a cat was determidly trying to dig its way into a chicken coop. We also encountered a mother cat with four kittens.

Towards the end, J was definitely flagging and I had to encourage him by offering regular beers. He made it though, and he has gone up in my estimation for toughness and resilience of spirit.

Anyway we are here now, but unfortunately the postage stamp size rooms we have don’t enable us to be sociable as there is nowhere to sit. Tonight’s room is a bit smarter than last night’s but it is just as small and it is almost impossible to be comfortable short of lying on the bed.

Still as I keep saying to J “Offer it up”. Very tired now but luckily a short stage tomorrow.

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