Apr 15th, 2019


I was dead right in saying that it was going to be noisy overnight. The pilgrim party stopped about 1am and then trucks started honking about 5am. About 6am the pilgrims started to get up and that was the end to sleep.

We had a smashing breakfast. For some reason it was scotch pancakes (drop scones) – I had six and sure R had more although he is not admitting it.

A bit of a miserable day after that. Hundreds of pilgrims all already in groups – way bigger than on the earlier stages and no socialization or “Buen Camino”. Then it started to pour with rain and J got more and more grumpy as the day progressed.

We met a nice donkey.

Eventually when we were close to Portmarin, the path suddenly turned in to a rocky scramble and J had to crawl down on his bum.

Then we found ourselves on a very narrow path going across a bridge behind possibly the slowest pilgrim ever.

Hotel is brilliant though and I was sensing J picking up after a couple of drinks.

Portmarin is the town where they moved the famous monuments (a couple of churches, a Roman archway) etc. from one side of the valley to the other to allow for building a resevoir.

We went out for an (expensive) meal overlooking the lake. Very nice.

Palas de Rei tomorrow.

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