Mother’s Day

Mar 31st, 2019

Mother’s Day

Beautiful day here today for Mother’s Day and we went down to Rhu to see my parents. The marina looked really scenic with bright blue water and hundreds of white boats – there is nothing more pretty than Helensburgh when the weather is nice – shame it doesn’t happen very often!

I cooked a bit of a spread – a fancy seafood starter, steak and sausage pie (so much nicer than steak and kidney!) and sherry trifle. R wouldn’t eat either the starter or the trifle so he had pate and chocolate ice cream. He keeps saying he is not a fussy eater but I think this demonstrates that he is.

Anyway, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. My mum won a kitten (the toy variety) in a Cat’s Protection raffle and gave it to me. They asked if we could take photos and write a little story about it for their website so I have done this. I need to keep the kitten right away from Tora because I feel he may experience carnal feelings for it. I have decided to call him Ambrosius and he is sitting on my knee now.

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