Had to laugh at this one

Mar 19th, 2019

Had to laugh at this one

I don’t normally watch wildlife programmes. Not because I don’t like wildlife (I clearly do!) but because I find it so depressing in modern programs when they insist on keeping on mentioning how humanity is wiping out every creature on the globe. Doubtless this is true (and I for one would be glad if there were a lot less humans on the planet) but I don’t want to keep hearing about it as there is literally nothing I can do about it that realistically will make a major impact. Sorry but this is true.

I was however tempted into watching “Life on Earth” again when it just appeared on iPlayer. This was first shown in 1979 and I loved it so much as a child. I got the book as a Christmas present and I loved that too. I must have read it 100 times although I always flipped over the page with the picture of the mating millipedes as I used to be terrified of them.

I had to laugh though. In the last episode towards the end there was a piece about using computers for weather forecasts – and they seemed quietly confident that these would shortly be accurate. Considering the most powerful computers in those days were way less powerful than a modern smartphone and the current ones are millions of times more powerful it seems odd to me that no one can still predict the weather in Argyll even with a six hour window of accuracy.

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