Not having a good week

Mar 12th, 2019

Not having a good week

I am seriously not having a good week.

Calor were supposed to be doing a delivery today but R has gone to London with the keys to our Land Rover in his pocket and left it parked where the lorry can’t get in so I have had to ring them to rearrange the delivery. While I was on the phone I heard a crashing noise and the glass of water by the side of my bed was broken on the floor right over the fourway I use to power my Surface and the lamp by my bed.

The keyboard on my Surface has given up the ghost and I have had to order a new one costing £150.

One (or both) of the cats has had a pee in my wardrobe.
I have (had) two nice china ducks which were sitting by the fire. When I got up this morning they were both broken. Unless this was a pine marten that sneaked in during the night, I have to ascribe this to the cats as well. There will be no chicken breasts or prawns today, tomorrow or for the foreseeable future.

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