Walk along the old Coach Road

Mar 3rd, 2019

Walk along the old Coach Road

My friend J and I are in training for our Camino now (or at least he is when I can induce him to come out walking). On Friday we did one of my favourite walks. We went up behind the holiday village at Drimsynie, and climbed up to a Forestry road high on the hillside. This winds its way through the hills and eventually comes out at Drimsynie Beg. In the past when R and I have done this walk we have turned left onto the main road, walked along it for a few hundred yards, and then finished up by climbing up the Tom A’Cluishish which eventually takes us back to the entrance to the hydro road. But R has been telling me how he completed it by walking down the old Coach Road by the side of the river (I was away at the time).

There has been a huge amount of work done by members of the community to build a community garden on the site of the old rifle club just outside the village and as part of this and in conjunction with forestry work, there is now a decent path about half the way to Drimsynie Beg, but the first leg of the way is still very boggy.

J and I set off on to it and apart from a bit of mud and some fallen trees it was fine, and in fact a very pleasant walk with the old wall and bits of ancient fence to one side, and the river to the other.

Unfortunately, literally before we got to the surfaced path we hit an extremely boggy bit. I knew about this because I have crossed it before. There is a plan in place to fix it by dumping stones in to it (we’ve given a donation to help), but on this occasion it was really dreadful. I crossed it using the slow tentative approach and sank so far in the mud that I nearly lost my shoe. J had more courage and crossed it at a run – this was the better approach as he didn’t get so wet, but he had the advantage of wearing boots rather than trainers.

Anyway, a nice day. One month to go to the Camino now.

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