Transport situation here going to the dogs

Feb 25th, 2019

Transport situation here going to the dogs

Now along with the ongoing situation with the A83 which I have mentioned many times the council in their wisdom have decided to close one of our two roads to the village for four days. I understand that road maintenance has to happen – but here is the thing – it is not on and also there are no diversion signs in place to show people that there is an alternate route via the Dunoon road. This has had the result that ASDA have just called saying that their driver has gone back to Dumbarton with all the deliveries for this slot.

They are going to try to redeliver this afternoon by the other road but this has caused considerable inconvenience to ASDA, to me, and to other people in the village.

I don’t know what lunatics we are paying people to run the asylum in Argyll these days. Not even the same lunatics we seem to have elected to run the British government but almost (not quite) as bad. Perhaps they would be if they had the same range of powers.

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