Dangerous Trees

Feb 11th, 2019

Dangerous Trees

You have to laugh. The powers that be put this stupid sign up over six months ago. I’m not sure why the trees here are any more or less dangerous than anywhere else you could wander to in the woods – unless there are some ents in there that we don’t know about.

Anyway, this is a popular path between Hall Road and the main road (and then over to Drimsynie) which the idiots in power tried to fence off, but it has obviously been entirely ineffective as you can see from the picture where there is now a well-worn path running round the side of their fence as all the locals (who are well used to trees) just ignored it. Frankly, unless they put a security guard with a gun there, nothing can be done to stop people from just walking round any barrier they put up.

I’ve complained to the park authorities about this fence being in place, but have never had any action. I strongly suspect that their actions are illegal, as this is a core path and they are not supposed to close these for more than two weeks without taking corrective action. I also have complained about other paths in the area which are supposed to be core and don’t seem to be being maintained, but never receive a satisfactory response. I often wonder what the National Park is supposed to be for, or what benefit it is supposed to deliver either to residents or visitors.

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