Cat TV

Jan 28th, 2019

Cat TV

R was pointing out yesterday that Tora is rather fond of watching “movie for cats” style videos. This is true, but I have to say that with one exception when he went searching for a squirrel behind my Surface, that he has very Catholic tastes. He will sit and watch everything from Marco Polo to Fetch the Midwife to the Last Kingdom (these are my taste in programs rather than R’s I will mention), so I am not sure that he is actually responding to anything other than movement on the screen.

One strange fact, however is that Tora hates Hitler. A number of years ago I was watching Downfall, and during the archetypal Hitler rant, Tora jumped on the top of the set and started clawing the screen. He also hates bagpipes and I don’t blame him for that – frankly I would rather listen to Hitler.

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