Another year older

Dec 30th, 2018

Another year older

It was R’s birthday yesterday.  I think he had a pleasant day although the weather was awful.  We did have a short walk down the new coach road path.  It is a lot better under foot than it used to be (I had a nasty incident there a few years ago when I slipped off a log and went into a muddy puddle up to the top of my leg) but they still need to pave the last few hundred yards to make it fully walkable by tourists without full walking gear.  Perhaps the forestry will do this in due course as they are taking a lot of trees out in that area.

R was also given his favourite meal of burgers and chips followed by chocolate profiteroles.

But best of all was the cards he got.  He had one from Tora (made with his own paws) which said “Why don’t you come within claw range and explain what you did with my testicles? ”   But even better one from my Mum.

I could help you celebrate your birthday. Is there anything you need pushed off a surface today?

This is because (possibly after catching voles), pushing things off surfaces is Schrodi’s favourite occupation. 

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