Unreliablity of deliveries

Nov 27th, 2018

Unreliablity of deliveries

I may have mentioned this before, but for some reason we are designated as a remote postcode, even though we are only just over an hour’s drive from Glasgow. We are in the PA range, and I’ve even seen some websites where this entire range is included as a remote postcode which is a bit bizarre as PA includes Paisley – a major conurbation about 20 minutes from the third biggest city in the country.

Our delivery times are getting worse and worse of late – particularly from some Amazon marketplace sellers who say they have “despatched” on a given date, only to have the goods not turn up for several weeks afterwards. I’ve now decided to complain to Amazon every single time where a company says they have shipped and the merchandise doesn’t then turn up on time. I’m prepared to allow them one extra day – but in some cases it is taking two extra weeks which is not acceptable.

The best one I ever had though was this. A certain garden products supplier down south in England advertised as “free delivery to mainland UK”. Having ordered from them I got a phone call the next day saying that Lochgoilhead postcodes were “deemed to be an island” and therefore subject to a £40 surcharge. Needless to say that was one order we didn’t go ahead with.

The picture is nothing to do with delivery times and everything to do with a cat sleeping on a shelf with a dangly striped tail inviting being gently pulled.

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