Nov 20th, 2018


Ages since I wrote in the blog. I’ve been away on holiday in Spain. We had a great time – we were staying in Madrid but we also went to Toledo, Segovia, Avila and Ananjuez

The best thing we did was going on a Segway tour of Madrid. I really liked riding the Segway, I had been concerned that I might be crap at it – but actually as it turned out I seemed to be a natural.

This was Toledo. Unfortunately we got lost quite a lot because the streets were so narrow and short and the walls so high that the SatNav didn’t seem to work very well.

Later in the week we went to Segovia. I’ve mentioned this on this blog before, but I can’t understand why the Romans could build a structure which is still standing after 2000+ years but in Scotland now we don’t seem to be able to construct anything which lasts for more than about 50 (for example the Kingston Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge). Let me not get on that subject again as it just annoys me – here is the Roman Aqueduct

We also went to Avila with the best preserved medieval walls in Europe. I’m a bit dubious about this as I’ve seen pictures of them after the Spanish Civil War when they seemed largely destroyed and presumably after that they needed to be rebuilt. This may explain why they look so pristine.

The Royal Palace at Aranjuez. Beautiful palace but unfortunately a super foul day with wind and rain simultaneously so we never got to look at the gardens.

We also went to loads of super museums in Madrid with the best being the Archaeological Museum. The Roman mosaics in there challenged those in Rome and Naples

Anyway – great holiday but as usual for me – glad to be home.

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