Nov 1st, 2018


We paid a surprise visit to Mum and Dad yesterday for Halloween. I was a witch (some would say appropriately) and R was the Spirit of Death – complete with Scythe.

I was a bit disappointed that my Mum immediately realized it was me when I opened my mouth to do my guising piece which was the “Twa Corbies”. I was also a bit disappointed in R who after refusing to tell me what his piece was going to be all week – came up with the first two lines of “Baby Shark”.

However, the cats did come up trumps with their party piece which was delivered remotely as I didn’t think they would fancy the drive down to Rhu.

Twa Birdies

As I was walking all alane
I heard twa birdies singing a song
The tane unto the ither say
Where sall we gang and dine the day?
I ken that in that garden braw
There’s seeds and nuts and much much more
And nane do ken they’re in the garden
But badgers, fox and fierce pine marten
The badger only comes at night
The humans set the fox to flight
The marten’s gone to find a mate
So we may make our dinner sweet
One feeder you can sit upon
And I’ll sit on the t’other
And ee’n a squirrel comes along
We’ll tell him not tae bither
Mony a cat may try its claws
Thought we’ve nae gean any cause
And when ye’ve starved to death dear puss
We’ll lang be feeding on the nuts

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