Another Good Poem

Nov 1st, 2018

Another Good Poem

My Mum has been reading “The Bridge of Sighs” and came up with a poem relating to last night.

Two more unfortunates
Witches and Reapers,
Banged on my door
To give me the creepers.

Look at their garments
The best of old Amazon
Drips from their clothing
Take a look instantly
With fear and with loathing.

Make no deep scrutiny
Into their identity.
They’re past all dishonour.
Both witch and the Other.

Owning their weakness
Their evil behaviour
And leaving with meekness
Their evilness gone.

Tora and Schrodi have reviewed it and think it is quite good apart from the last verse which doesn’t scan properly.

The photo is of the pumpkin I carved.

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