Solar Panel

Oct 27th, 2018

Solar Panel

This is our new solar panel which we are using to power lights for our shed. The old greenhouse on the same site had wired power from the house, but when we got rid of it we never got the new shed we replaced it with connected up. I had a feeling that getting the electrician in to do this would cost a fortune, so we had a go with the solar panel instead.

Outside we have the panel facing south. It then powers up to four lights inside off a 12V battery which took about 24 hours to charge fully for the first time.

The battery also has a USB connection where you can charge your mobile phone. It said in the instructions for the system that it wouldn’t be very fast, but it doesn’t seem to be that bad as I plugged my iPhone in to it at 2:30 at 46% and by 3:30 it was at 77%

This seems to be pretty satisfactory, so if it works out I also have the idea of mounting some other webcams in the garden, one under our huge sycamore tree “Dell” and another right down near the river where we have a massive Narnain boulder and where I think the deer come down to drink.

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