Upholstering the chairs

Oct 23rd, 2018

Upholstering the chairs

I have six old mahogany chairs I inherited from my Grandma. These were not looking good as they had been repaired multiple times and the cats had given the last recovering I did a good clawing over. So yesterday I did the best I could to repair the backs. I did this with superglue as my joinery skills aren’t up to much – but it seems to have worked. Then I recovered the seats in a new red fabric. The staple gun really takes it out of your fingers – I’ve a nasty blister this morning.

They look much better for now – but as the new fabric is essentially the same as the last one I have no faith that it won’t be destroyed again in short order. I need to find a cat proof fabric but I am not sure that such a thing exists aside from buying chairs from Ikea. We had some of their chairs years back which were made out of a kind of plastic webbing. The cats tried to rip them apart over and over again but with no impact at all – unfortunately though the wooden sides to them became unstable and we had to replace them.

Also in honour of the new little visitor we have in our hedgehog house and our fox which is visiting every night, I bought a couple of new doormats.

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