Absolute Disgrace

Oct 11th, 2018

Absolute Disgrace

Well the A83 is still closed. I’ve complained to Bear and I’ve complained to our MSP. Neither of them have been a bit helpful and we also have no indication of when if ever the road is ever going to open again.

If this had all been properly managed years ago we could either have had a decent road running down the middle of the glen where it would have been less susceptible to landslips, or we could have a tunnel which is the way it would have been run in any other European country with a clue about how to invest in infrastructure or in fact manage large scale projects.

I had the privilege of visiting Switzerland last year and it was an entirely different world to here. In spite of them having what I would describe as a challenging physical environment, the public transport system worked perfectly. For example the small town we stayed in had trains running from it every half an hour, all of which were immaculately clean and on time. Every single part of the country had 4G network coverage, even at the peaks of mountains and in tunnels.

And on the subject of tunnels there was none of this messing around with nets and pits the way we have had with the A83. Everything that needed to be was diverted underground where it was not only invulnerable to environmental hazards, but also caused no visual damage to the landscape.

Switzerland is a first world country. Sadly we are not.

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