Who is a hero?

Oct 10th, 2018

Who is a hero?

I’ve been watching the “Great British Menu” over the last few weeks. I have to admit that much as I like these cookery competition programs – I have to say that these constant mentions of “our NHS heroes” is really, really getting on my nerves. I’ve absolutely nothing against the NHS which I think is a really great institution, but the people who work for it do so because they are paid by the state. This does not make them heroes. Being a hero is something quite different and involves doing something valiant for which you are not paid as part of a job.

Working for the NHS is perfectly fine, but unless you actually go running into a burning building to save people it is not the same thing. You are not a hero, you are just a working person like everyone else who turns up to do jobs that are not always pleasant. I can’t say for example that I am always that keen on mine!

When I was a child I was always pretty keen on Horatio Nelson as a hero. Oskar Schindler I also greatly admire.

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