Third world country

Oct 10th, 2018

Third world country

Our main road into Glasgow has now been closed for over 36 hours. Just to give some background to this – the A83 at the Rest and be Thankful has been operating on one lane only with commensurate disruption to traffic for nearly a year now while they do some kind of nebulous work involving nets and digging huge pits by the side of the road.

Whatever they have been doing has been entirely ineffectual as one day of heavy rain has caused the entire infrastructure to collapse yet again. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, now the road has been closed there does not seem to be any accountability or ability to induce these people to get the road back open again. The delivery driver from ASDA made it through today and I have to say that I would rather give the running of the country’s infrastructure to them than to the gang of fools currently running it.

So we have no road, no proper refuse collection, no mobile phone signal and only an internet connection because we personally paid several thousand pounds to have it installed. When I compare this to other European countries I have to ask myself what on earth our government thinks they are doing. I mean I won’t even compare us with Switzerland or Germany as I know they are better than us – but when we can’t actually do better than Italy or Spain we might as well give up and go home. We have turned into a third world country with third world services and everyone involved with this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I’ll put Bear Roads and BT right at the top of the list but there will be a lengthy number of companies and organizations right there behind them.

As of this afternoon my poor husband has had to take a huge detour via Dunoon to catch a ferry so he can get to Glasgow with the only other option being a fifty mile detour round the top of Loch Lomond on a road which itself is so poor as to be dangerous.

Be ashamed Scotland, be very ashamed. We’ve become a country that apart from some nice scenery and wildlife isn’t worth living in any more.

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