Big Ted

Oct 4th, 2018

Big Ted

When I was a child we had a special bear called “Big Ted”. He had a wife called “Koala” who for reasons I don’t recall came from Australia (strangely enough). He also had a number of friends including “Mrs Ted”, “Mrs Bun” and their children “Little Ted” and “Little Bun”.

Poor old Big Ted was so loved to bits that all his fur had been worn off. Then at some point in the 1970s he had been very crudely repaired and probably in the early 1980s, consigned to an attic where he gathered dust for many years.

The other day I managed to retrieve him and set about repairing him. This was much, much more difficult than I had been expecting as it was very tricky sewing on the new fabric with an upholstery needle as I am not particularly skilled as a seamstress and the original hessian was really thick and difficult to work with.

But after several hours’ hard work I managed to restore him to as much of his original glory as I could manage. Unfortunately the only fabric I could get was of rather a vivid colour which my brother says reminds him of the hair of a certain US President.

Big Ted is now reunited with Mrs Ted and Mrs Bun. As soon as I get a chance I will have a go at cleaning up Mrs Koala as well as the last member of the family – Dobbin the horse.

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