Oop North

Sep 15th, 2018

Oop North

R and I are on holiday this week – first of all up in the far north (staying near Dingwall), and then in Skye for a few days.
We stayed at the Muckrack Country House hotel for one night to break the journey, and also so we could visit the Highland Wildlife park.
We had a magnificent meal at the hotel. This was R’s burger!

Then we had a pretty good run at meeting the animals, we saw wildcat kittens, and a better view of Hamish the baby polar bear than my Mum and I had earlier this year. He is distinctly not as white as he was then as his favourite occupation seems to be rolling in the mud.
Our holiday cottage is lovely, but there are not going to be many pictures this week as the owner’s definition of fast Internet access is not mine as we are only getting 4MB.
But here is sunrise from the cottage door this morning.

We drove up to John O’Groats and then onwards to Dunnet Head (the most northerly point in mainland UK).

We also saw May Castle and met some nice animals in their sanctuary, including Alice, a rescued donkey from Bosnia.

Weather has been great today and hopefully it will be ok tomorrow as we are going to Dunrobin Castle

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