More Bounty..

Aug 28th, 2018

More Bounty..

But stuff I don’t dare to touch this time. There are mushrooms everywhere now, but unfortunately I’m no expert on distinguishing the tasty from the indifferent and the fatal! I’m also told this is not something you want to “read up on and give it a go” – you really need an expert to go out with you the first few times. We must have been braver in 1980s because I remember the traveller children coming to the door with baskets of huge field mushrooms for sale for a few pence. We fried them in butter, never thought a thing about it, and no one that I am aware of ever suffered any ill effects from them.

Here are some of the specimens around here.

The bottom one is a weird fungus I’ve never seen anywhere else which looks like discarded orange peel.

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