Some great wildlife of late

Aug 17th, 2018

Some great wildlife of late

Over the last couple of days we have had some great sightings.

Firstly, since the arrival of the fox, the badgers have been arriving earlier and earlier in an attempt to get the nuts first. This means they are here in the daylight, and the other day the female (I think) turned up with a miniature version of herself (a two thirds size badger!). I think this may be a nearly grown cub. There is a video if you click on the image above.

This is a good one of the putative “Mum”.

Then on the path to the Heilan’ coo field, we saw a red deer stag with an enormous set of antlers. Sure he will soon be off to round up his harem on Beinn Donich.

There are two immature buzzards which have obviously just left the nest and are circling over the path between the village and the Duke’s path – calling loudly to each other.

Finally, there is a great little pond off the hydro path near the Rock of the Britons where the tadpoles are just changing into frogs. They have the right colouration now and their hind legs – at least one of them seemed to be thinking about doing some air breathing. Over-rated I’m sure!

Unfortunately none of the last sightings have been co-operative on having their photos taken.

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