Badgers and Foxes and Sheep (oh my!)

Aug 6th, 2018

Badgers and Foxes and Sheep (oh my!)

Last night a new fox joined the badger feeding on the nuts. It is interesting as seen in the video that whilst the fox is very skitty and obviously ready to make a break for it – the badger is completely unconcerned and ignores his new companion.

I feel very sorry for foxes around here as they tend to get shot because there are so many sheep around. The cats do not like them though, and whenever a fox is around they seem to be extra keen to pee in the house (Tora in the shower or sink – Schrodi on any bathmat he can get his paws on).

On a sheep related note, R and I had to rescue another one which was caught in barbed wire by its horns tonight. I don’t understand what the function of barbed wire is supposed to be. It doesn’t really seem to deter the animals from escaping (I saw another sheep jump five feet straight over a fence tonight), and it is dangerous both to animals and humans. This is particularly considering the freedom to roam right in Scotland (best thing the Scottish Government ever did).

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