Sheep and Boats

Jul 29th, 2018

Sheep and Boats

Came back from a walk the other day and all the way down the hill I could hear the loud noise of distressed sheep. When I got to the bottom I saw the reason.

All the adult ewes had been separated from their (now very large) lambs so they could be sheared. The lambs were creating merry hell in the original field, and the mothers who were all penned up across the track were giving voice back. It was a cacophony!

I noticed at the same time that the four old boats which had been abandoned years ago by the side of the path, and which have been a huge eyesore since we moved in had been removed by the Forestry Commission. Good for them – it is a mystery to me how people around here are just allowed to abandon large pieces of equipment in public areas and leave them to rot. There is an abandoned car on one of the forestry roads which has been there for years and is slowly disappearing into the undergrowth. There must be a story behind that as the road it is on goes nowhere except possibly up Beinn Donich.

Here is where the boats were…

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