Really Homemade Curry

Jul 27th, 2018

Really Homemade Curry

Sad to say, although I am a keen cook, I have never made a curry completely from scratch before. That is not to say that I use cook-in sauces or buy the whole thing is a packet (1970’s Vesta style), but rather that I use fresh ingredients, but Patak’s curry paste rather than grinding my own spices.

But Friday is always curry day for R and disaster struck when I realized I was out of paste. Rather than disappoint him, I got the processor out and whizzed together garlic, ginger, turmeric, oil, tomato paste, cumin, coriander, paprika, a medium onion and two red peppers. It smelled great.

I then used it in my usual recipe and I have to say it was rather delicious – in fact better than the stuff in the jar – which rather surprised me. It made for a bit of extra hassle and cleaning up – but not sure it wasn’t worth it. I think it was probably a lot less fattening as well as I don’t add a load of extra oil to things.

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