Kitty Prison

Jul 22nd, 2018

Kitty Prison

At this time of year Tora goes all the way down to the village at least three times a week. There is one particular garden which exerts a fascination I don’t understand because he is nearly always there. He will then follow us back through the arboretum and all the way home (if we haven’t taken the car down for him “Tora’s Taxi Service”).

Unfortunately, if we get him on our way back from our walk in the mornings, there tend to be lots of dog walkers out – and the favoured dogs around here are excitable collies. We had a couple of nasty experiences with dogs running up to him and him panicking. I’m always scared that they chase him and he runs off into the wilderness and gets lost (we have miles of pathless forest and mountains around here).

So for future walks we have resurrected the “Kitty Pack” which keeps him safe from dogs on the way home. He is not happy about this and R says it is a “Kitty Prison”. He certainly has the look of a desperate prisoner.

“I never saw a cat who looked with such a wistful eye, upon that little tent of blue which prisoners call the sky”

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