Biblical Reference

Jul 10th, 2018

Biblical Reference

I’ve just spent every spare minute for the last few days doing up my bedroom – hence not many blog posts.

Here are some of the results – completely finished now apart from a new rug I am still waiting for. Plus a local craftsman is not only going to repair our summerhouse door which has been broken since a big storm last year, but also build me a custom cabinet for my en suite.

I did the bedroom in blue – inspired by a duvet cover my Mum bought me, and also some plates I bought from a shop called Pastimes which has sadly closed down now but had been one of my favourites.

Anyway two of my plush friends, Mr Prickles and Stripe have been sitting together on the bed

This rather reminded me of the biblical reference of the lion lying down with the lamb as badgers are about the only predator which will attack a hedgehog. Actually the quote is wrong as it should be the wolf lying with the lamb and I prefer the Woody Allan version where he says “The lion may lie down with the lamb but the lamb won’t get much sleep”.

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