And then there were none

Jun 26th, 2018

And then there were none

I’ve been closely observing our cherry tree over the last few days as it is getting round to the right time for it delivering some fruit. Yesterday there were four large cherries at the front of the tree which were very nearly ripe, and many more just coming up for being ready for picking. I nearly picked the four big ones and then made the (as it turns out incorrect) decision to leave them for one more day.

This morning all four are gone with no trace. We had this issue last year as well and I strongly suspect the Jay family of being involved. I’m not really expecting to get any cherries, and the squirrels have also been having a munch at the strawberries. Also I suspect the storm we had recently has not done much for the plums.

So all in all not a good year for the fruit – although the apples seem to be coming along ok. It should be raspberry time very shortly and I do notice that a new bush seems to have self-seeded in the garden.

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