A Cat Poem

Jun 21st, 2018

A Cat Poem

Schrodi and Tora

Schrodi and Tora went up the hill
To fetch some juicy fodder.
Two voles appeared as quick as quick
Straight to the waiting marauder.

So up Schrodi shot without a thought
And grabbed the poor wee beastie,
Then vole in mouth into the house
Went off to show his feastie.

So up Marion got at 4 oclock
To save this poor wee beastie
And would you believe
No thanks he gave but bit the hand that saved him.

Now Tora waiting by the door
Was up in a flash to give it a bash
Promptly went back inside,
And that was the end of the poor wee THING.

By Isobel Marshall Baird Ellis who ran out of rhymes.

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