Bee Rescue

May 12th, 2018

Bee Rescue

R and I were laying some gravel today in an attempt to resolve a problem with drainage around our bird feeding area. I suddenly noticed a queen honey bee sitting on one of the packets of gravel. She was obviously exhausted and looked on her last legs. I read somewhere that at this time of year there is not a lot of nourishment around for bees and that the queens need to get a lot of energy to start off their nests.

So in true “creature rescue” mode – I made a strong solution of sugar and dripped it on a leaf. Then I carefully transferred the bee to it. Almost immediately she put out her long proboscis and started drinking down the sugar water. She sat there drinking for about five minutes, and then when I picked the leaf up – she flew off.

Very important to help bees now as they have been having so many problems so that was my good deed for the day done.

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