Poor Mr Prickles

May 7th, 2018

Poor Mr Prickles

I have a rather nice (toy) hedgehog called Mr Prickles that my Mum bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Normally he lives in a box full of wood shavings on the spare room bed, but he had a bit of a problem the other day. I have mentioned that Tora enjoys an “intimate” relationship with any soft toy bigger than a mouse which comes into the house. He’d been off colour for a few days but we realized that he was back on form when I went into the spare room and noticed that Mr Prickles and his wood shavings had been thrown out on to the bed. Tora was sitting on the bed shamelessly licking himself.

I put Mr Prickles back into his box and went away for a few minutes (literally a few minutes). I then glanced back through the door and the box was turned over again – this time with Tora actively indulging in a relationship with the hedgehog and the box at the same time.

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