Cat Cafe and Conference

Apr 28th, 2018

Cat Cafe and Conference

Not many entries recently as have been totally rushed off my feet preparing for our security conference in Glasgow. Basically after a week of non-stop packing bags and icing a huge cake (remind me the next time I want to try it that making a cake for 300 people containing kilos of butter and 60 eggs is not a trivial task) we were off for two trips to Glasgow in one day with nearly 400 goodie bags.

Once all the stuff had been offloaded we had a nice lunch and went off for a pootle round Glasgow, and to visit the Purrple (sic – the name is a joke) Cat Cafe at the Trongate.

This was really nice with about 30 cats dotted around the room. Most of them, in the way of cats, did not seem that interested in humans bothering them, unless they were purveyors of food.

Anyway – we had a nice time feeding the little black and white one in the picture. The ginger one(s) in the picture I didn’t quite manage to catch on camera but there were in fact two identical ones in the bed, as I only realized when I saw I could count more than four feet.

Anyway after that we had our pre-conference party, and after that a 5am start the next morning.

You can read all about our conference experience on its main website –

I don’t think I have ever been as tired as I was last night.

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