Sunny Edinburgh

Apr 17th, 2018

Sunny Edinburgh

Much against my will, I am in Edinburgh doing testing on site this week. It is a nice company and Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but I miss my home, my husband, my cats, the creatures and the wilderness (not necessarily in that order).

I walked up to the top of Arthur’s seat last night. There was a nice loch with some swans (we are short of these in Loch Goil so I handed out a few visitor’s cards with an open invitation) and then a steep hill with fantastic views from the top.

The only problem was that there were huge numbers of people. People taking photos, people running, people talking, people playing music, people messing around and throwing litter about. I am too used to our Argyll walks where I am the only person in sight and if I see one person all day, it is one too many (unless it is R of course).

This morning I tried to walk down to Leith to look at the sea which is incredibly blue and enticing looking from a distance. But I almost immediately came up to the A1 and a load of other busy roads and by the time I had crossed them all it was about time to come back.

So to quote….

Because these green hills
Are not Highland hills
Or the island hills
They’re not my land’s hills
And fair as these
Green foreign hills may be
They are not the hills of home

Looking forward to getting home – you couldn’t pay me enough money to live in the city permanently.

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