Beautiful Day’s Walk

Apr 5th, 2018

Beautiful Day’s Walk

Today was beautiful with blue skies and bright sunlight. I walked out some of the way to Coran Lochan, but didn’t go the whole way as there was a load of snow on the path and I hadn’t worn my boots. There was also a small flock of three escaped sheep which insisted on running up the path ahead of me and I didn’t have the heart to (inadvertently) chase them any further. So I went a bit past the “Two Gates” and turned back. This was some of the photos.

I had a most amusing experience on the way back. There is a small bench next to Two Gates next to a little waterfall and with a lovely view of the loch. I sat down on it and decided to do a “Headspace” 10 minute mediation exercise on my phone. As part of it I closed my eyes and tried to be “mindful” of my passing thoughts etc. I was doing reasonably well when all of a sudden something soft and damp touched my hand. I opened my eyes to see a large dog and a family of six people standing round me – they had been talking loudly to try to alert me so that I wouldn’t be startled, but between the noise cancellation earphones and the mediation I hadn’t heard them at all. I told them that if I never achieved enlightenment it would be their fault!

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