Apr 1st, 2018


Went to my parents’ new apartment in Helensburgh for Easter Sunday Lunch.

We had a great meal (though my Mum did need to take a lesson from her head Chef – alias me – on timings). My Mum makes a truly great trifle.

I brought an Easter basket with an Easter Bunny from Charlie Bears (very imaginatively now Christened “Bun”), a limoncello cake, and some home made lemon curd. Stupidly I did not take a photo of the actual basket – but here is the cake with the lunch menu.

Afterwards, we did an egg painting contest which I won with my epic peacock.

N’s was very good and R and J’s not bad – but my Mum’s effort we were calling the “Easter Traffic Accident”

All in all we had a great day.

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