Weighing the feather of truth

Mar 31st, 2018

Weighing the feather of truth

Ancient Egyptian mythology stated that after death the soul would progress to the Hall of Truth, accompanied by Anubis, God of the Dead. There his heart would be weighed in a scale against the feather of truth. If his heart was lighter than the feather, he would proceed into an afterlife of bliss, if it were heavy with bad deeds he would be thrown down and devoured from existence by the divine crocodile, Amut.

Now I am sure that like everyone else, I have done bad things in my time. But in claim of having lightened my heart a little, I did climb into a muddy slippy pool this morning with a snow shovel and a large bucket and rescue a load of frog spawn before the pond dried up. I deposited it in our pond which never dries up and in fact is exceedingly full at the moment. On my way back I scared off two herons, one of which had a large wriggling frog in its beak.

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