Some new birds and a rant

Mar 15th, 2018

Some new birds and a rant

Don’t think the photo has taken very well as it was through the window, but we have recently acquired a much better variety of birds at our feeding area.

When we first came here we got chaffinches by the score, along with assorted blue-tits, coal-tits and great-tits and not that much else. Two years ago we started getting a load of siskins. Then two blackbirds turned up as well. All of a sudden this year we have up to six goldfinches, lots of robins, and best of all – two long-tailed tits. These are known as the “lollipop bird” because that is what they look like, and they are so small they can go right inside the cage where the bird balls are. Hope they stay – perhaps putting all this food out over the last few years has started to bring in other species.

The badgers are back during the night but our fox has gone and I fear it has been killed by one of the local landowners. People can be so cruel – I think foxes should be protected the way other large mammals are. I don’t see the point of banning hunting them with dogs if they are just allowed to be shot instead – at least the hunt gave the poor creature a fighting chance of getting away which shooting it with a gun or (worse) trapping it doesn’t. Last year there was the poor pathetic body of a fox just left to rot in the field near our house – whoever killed could at least have buried it. Just my opinion but I think natural predators should be allowed to flourish in rural areas like Argyll – particularly in the National Park – even if they have an impact on farming. I would be all for bringing back the wolf and the bear to reduce the deer population and allow the hills to be reforested. Not that I don’t like the deer because I do and I am not a vegan, but I think we should be returning our National Parks to their native condition, including the wildlife humans went and wiped out.

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