Stupid Me

Feb 2nd, 2018

Stupid Me

You couldn’t make up how stupid I was today. I’ve several identical white canisters labelled “sugar” and “coffee” and because we only use raw beans, we don’t need the coffee one. I put some salt in it because the package had leaked into the cupboard and it saved a bit of space.

Guess what – I know I am not alone with this as the winner of the Bake Off a few years ago did the same thing. But I put the salt rather than the sugar into the raspberry filling of a special cake I was making.

Now several hours later I still have a very nasty taste in my mouth and the cakes will need to be restarted from scratch.

I don’t have a suitable photo for this, but the one shown is of Tora sleeping on a chair I had placed on top of the the table to get it out of the way of the new cleaning robot. It seemed a favourite location as a few hours later his brother had relocated up there as well. It may just be that they are trying to avoid each other as with the cold weather they are a bit fractious.

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